Plus 10 talks

Plus 10 Talks are a specific type of provocation. We invite people to come and present the 5-10 minute version of the papers that they are going to give in 10 years time. The intention is to let them think far enough into the future so that they aren’t constrained by immediate reality, but close enough so that it isn’t pure science fiction. The purpose of the presentation is to let the audience identify the challenges that would have to be overcome and the possible ways in which that might be done.

The goal of the Plus Talk is to stimulate and provoke the participants’ thinking and, ideally, get them to make new connections outside their normal domains. This means that the speaker doesn’t have to in any way “prove” his or her point, or win the audience over to a particular point of view. We simply need the speaker to present ideas that might intrigue and provoke an active discussion among the participants. Presentations are typically 5-10 minutes long, followed by 5 minutes for questions of clarification, but no more than that. We aren’t interested in people debating the merits of a particular perspective; we are actually more interested in their reactions to the presentation and encouraging them to think more about what has been shared.

Instructions for +10 Speakers

One of the most important aspects of our meeting will be encouraging everyone to think ambitiously, and to explore intriguing possibilities. In order to help people enter this frame of mind, we are asking you to prepare a 5-minute talk which addresses two questions:

  • What would be the most interesting research project that you would like to be doing, 10 years from now?
  • How might that project relate to the core topic(s) of the meeting?

We invite you to make assumptions about what will be available, 10 years hence, and to highlight the challenges which will still be major obstacles. Given that we are asking you to take a leap into the future, no one can prove you wrong for at least 10 years, so don’t feel too constrained by reality!

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