PPCo Feedback

Pluses (+), Potentials (P), Concerns (C), and Overcomes (o) is a way to generate feedback for new ideas. As academics, we are very good at shooting down new ideas. It takes times to develop new ideas and one way to kill it quick is to point out all the flaws early in this development. PPCo is a great tool for giving feedback in a meaningful way to these early ideas.

Ideal Time

2-5 minute introduction, 4-5 minutes per presentation

Resources Needed

  • Instructions (slide highly encouraged)
  • Post-its
  • Sharpies


  • Explain what PPCo stands for, it is very useful to have this on a slide.
    • Pluses are things you like about the project.
    • Potentials are other benefits the projects could lead to if it were successful or a failure. The knock-on effects of the project.
    • Concerns are phrased as questions and preferably a “How might you?”, or a “How to” question. Questions invite the human mind to generate an answer. If you have an overcome…see below
    • Overcomes- an idea to mitigate the concern, we ask people to add it to the feedback or create a new post-it note.
  • Move into the first presentation.
  • After the presentation briefly re-explain highlighting the following:
    • One idea or thought per post-it.
    • Mark pluses with a +, Potentials with a P, and Concerns as questions or with a question mark.
    • We encourage specificity. One piece of specific feedback is better than three pieces of very general feedback.
  • Prompt each segment independently. Ask the group to write pluses, hold up their post-its in the air, and collect them. Then move to Potentials, repeat for each segment.
  • Encourage participants to give as much feedback as possible.
  • We have found it helpful to suggest overcomes when they have a concern; for example “What concerns might you have for this team? Phrase them as questions. If you can think of a possible overcome, please use a separate post-it and capture it.”
  • Repeat after each presentation.

Please leave your comments below. Have you tried this tool? What was your experience? What questions do you have? How else might we help?

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