Provocation (n.)

  1. the act of provoking.
  2. something that provokes, esp. by inciting, instigating, inspiring, angering, or irritating.

Inspiring participants to redefine the challenge they’re tackling and to see it from a different perspective might unlock new approaches. Collecting people from diverse disciplines and asking them to talk with each other is the first step to shifting perspective on a challenge. The next step is to give them something new to talk about, to lead to thought-provoking discussions. Depending on the nature of the event, it can be useful to have a speaker (or an activity) that has little to do with the problem but offers the opportunity to draw analogies or to make connections that might stimulate their thinking. If “what goes in, comes out” then it makes sense that in order to arrive at new thinking, it helps to introduce new and interesting input.

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