Vote with your feet

Vote with Your Feet can be an energizer; it gets people up and moving, but with content related to the challenge at its center. It highlights where participants might disagree or have conflicting views which is often a good jumping off point for new thinking. It also can give insight to how people think or feel about an important topic, either about the process or the content of an event. It’s a good data collection tool for the organizing, facilitation and mentor teams.

Ideal Time

10 minutes – 45 minutes

Set up

  • Create four flip chart pages or signs (Agree Strongly, Agree Somewhat, Disagree Somewhat, Disagree Strongly)
  • Post the above in the four corners of the room
  • Generate 6-10 statements where there may be disagreements or differing viewpoints among participants. Engage some key stakeholders in generating the statement to which you’d like the participants to react. The best statements are those where the organizing team doesn’t know where the participants might fall out.
  • Where the group is spread evenly between all four quadrants or split on the extreme poles, there’s an opportunity to explore a bit further. Taking reflections from the extremes, or letting each group talk for a moment and then providing a summary to the full group.
  • This tool can be used in a virtual meeting also through polling. We particularly like it paired with virtual breakouts where topics can be discussed paying attention to any differences.

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