Sample Virtual Agendas

These agendas are based on 90 minute meetings in a Zoom platform.


A great way to use a virtual event is for provocation. This type of meeting is to inspire people to redefine the challenge they’re tackling and to see it from a different perspective. Check out the tools section on provocation for more information.

Time (90 mins)WhatDescription
2-5 minsIntroductionDescribe the platform and how to use it.
Go over a basic agenda, what function and how to use them.
2-5 minsWelcomeThe director of the event welcomes everyone and gives context for the meeting.
7-10 minsPollingAsking probing questions like Vote with your Feet
15-30 minsProvocationThis could range from one -3 speakers providing provocation.
5 minsCloseWe like to say thank you and give next steps before the final breakout that way people can stay as long as they like.
30 minsBreakoutHave pre-populated google sheets created. Questions might include:
What did you find most provocative about today’s talk? Why? How might you think to tackle this challenge? etc.

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