Welcome to the Facilitating Innovative Research (FIR) Group

How do we deliberately build creativity into the research development process? What tools and techniques can be used to bring together diverse groups of researchers in order to create novel, exciting research? How might we build a community of practice between all of the stakeholders driving innovative team science forward? We wanted to build a site intended as a place to discuss these questions, to share what works, and to invent completely new approaches.

We hope this becomes an ever-expanding collection of resources for the FIR community, built by the FIR community.

Andy Burnett

We have gathered our thoughts in posts and tools. We will further organize each by using a classic 4P model that we really like from the Creativity literature (Person, Process, Press = Environment, Product), created by Mel Rhodes and further studied by our colleagues at the International Center for Studies in Creativity.

Knowinnovation is hosting the FIR group out of a shared goal to enhance interdisciplinary research throughout the world. Andy Burnett and Donnalyn Roxey are both deeply passionate about team science and working with research development professionals. KI is a global team of creatives that specializes in facilitating and accelerating academic, scientific, interdisciplinary innovation. We focus most of our attention on the academic environment (several of us have been academics) and to put our method – based on the science of deliberate creativity – in palatable terms for scientists and academics.

Can’t find the resource you are looking for? Would like to have a conversation, propose new tools, or generally discuss what’s going on at your institution? Email Donnalyn at donnalyn.roxey@knowinnovation.com.

We hope you enjoy this site! Let’s get creating!